Pig Roast Invitations

My family hosts an annual Memorial Day Pig Roast as a way to kick-off the summer, bring together old and new friends, and have some good old-fashioned fun in the woods. Every year I try and come up with a new look and feel for the same event which can sometimes be quite challenging.
This year’s design was inspired by a rustic, country theme, brought together with kraft paper, slab-serif typography, and a 5″ × 7″ custom rubber stamp. I love how the stamp created such a nice texture with the ink on the natural paper, making each invite entirely unique while truly representing the outdoor BBQ.
I had some trouble with the ink bleeding through the paper with the first round, but after some trial and error (and hair spray), I was absolutely thrilled with the result. All in all, the invites — and the party — was a great success!
You can check out more images on our Flickr photostream, and check out last year’s invitations, which was much more patriotic, and conveyed a sense of the classic southern BBQ’s.
June 4, 2012 / Posted by McMillian+Furlow